Claim rules


Customerscan send orders directly to the headquarters of the company AQUATEK or throughits business partners and agents. The orders will be accepted only if they are submitted in writing, by fax or by e-mail. Phone orders are accepted only in some specific cases, where it is guaranteed or ensured, that the ordered goods will be picked up. Eventual modifications of an order sent to the company AQUATEK will be accepted within 48 hours from receipt of the order.


The delivery period starts to run on the date of receipt of the order. The company AQUATEK undertakes to deliver the goods within 15 days from receipt of the order. The delivery deadline is approximate, it is not binding, however. Days counted to the delivery deadline are working days. Exception are those days (e.g. strike, public holiday or undelivered individual production components by the supplier), when the production is stopped for certain days.


The prices of products, goods and hydromassage panels are valid according to price quotations in individual contracts created by the company AQUATEK in Topoľčany, taken from the company AQUATEK or from its sales agents. The prices are stated in the official price list of the company AQUATEK and its validity ends with the date of issue of a new price list. The prices of products not included in the official price list, i.e. atypical prices, will be announced upon receipt of a written order or fax order, namely by telephone within 7 calendar days. After approval of this price by the customer, the price becomes valid from the moment of notification.


The payment terms are specified in individual contracts or price quotations issued by the company AQUATEK and are binding. The goods, which was sent but was not paid yet, remains the property of the company AQUATEK until the moment, when the complete amount for goods is paid. Claims of any goods are not a reason for payment delay or not-payment for the delivered goods. The payment for purchase of goods and products in the retail store in the company headquarters in Topoľčany is possible only as a cash payment.


The goods taken over directly by the customer or by the customer's carrier is transported at the customer's own responsibility. In case of transport of goods by the company AQUATEK or in case of shipping by post, company AQUATEK is responsible for the goods until the receipt of goods by the customer. The customers are obliged to check the delivered goods within 15 days in case of delivery by the company AQUATEK and within 48 hours in case of transporting by post or by a forwarding company.


For all products from its product range, the company AQUATEK provides warranty 24 months.The warranty does not apply to improperly installed or improperly used product,to mechanical damage, as well as the use of incorrect cleaning agents.


1.) The customer is responsible for goods directly taken over from the seller immediately upon receipt. 

The customer is obliged to check the goods within 30 days after their receipt.

2.) The customer must check the goods sent by the seller within 30 days from delivery.

3.) The goods sent by post or other transport company must be checked by the customer within 48 hours from receipt.

The claim will be accepted, if it is sent in writing, by registered letter, fax or email within 30 days from receipt of goods (according to point 1 and 2) and within 7 days from receipt of goods (according to point 3). For every written claim, it is necessary to submit the relevant photo documentation, from which it will be visible what kind of damage or product defect it is. The claim must be properly accompanied by a proof of purchase of the product. When claiming newly delivered product, it must be claimed in original packaging as a proof of its handling. The complaint must be accompanied by photo documentation package and packaging of the product. The claim of visible manufacturing defect or damage of just newly delivered product must be claimed before the installation, never after the installation. If it is found out, that the product was installed first and only then claimed, this claim will not be accepted in any way. The claims caused by improper installation, improper handling and use of wrong detergents are not accepted. The claimed goods are taken over and checked at the headquarters of the company AQUATEK in Topoľčany.


Returning goods to the company AQUATEK spol. s r.o. Topoľčany is possible only in original packaging and within 30 days from its purchase.

1.) In case that the goods were not unpacked from the original packaging, a handling fee depending on the product type is charged, when returning goods:

Handling fee for a shower enclosure: 12€ incl. VAT

Handling fee for the shower tray: 6 € incl. VAT

Handling fee for hydromassage panel: 4€ incl. VAT

2.) In case that the goods were unpacked from the original packaging, but the parts are intact, a fee of 15 % of the goods value excl. VAT is charged.

3.) In case that the goods were unpacked from the original packaging and the parts of the product show signs of damage, based on the evaluation of the condition of goods, a fee of 30 % of the goods value excl. VAT is charged or there turn of goods is refused.

4.) In case that the goods had been already installed, the return of goods is refused immediately.

In cases referred to in points 2) and 3) the return of goods must be realised PERSONALLY at the headquarters of the company AQUATEK s.r.o. in Topoľčany.THE RETURN OF GOODS CAN NOT BE realised by means of delivery service of the company AQUATEK s.r.o.

No legal regulation lays a duty for the seller to return money to the buyer or to provide the option of exchange for other goods, if the goods is without any defect.

The possibility to return goods is beyond the law, the refore it is not possible to enforce this action from the seller.


The manufacturer reserves the right for technical and price changes. New information and any changes are always updated on this website:

Claim rules

Dear customer,
in case of compliance with the installation instructions, proper use and cleaning, the manufacturer provides a warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to mechanical or other damage, which occurred after the receipt of a defect free product by the customer and also not to defects resulting from non-compliance with the warranty conditions.

  • The warranty conditions are as follows:
  • - the product must be installed in compliance with the attached installation instructions
  • - the product may not be cleaned with abrasive agents (powder, steel wool, etc.) or with chemically aggressive substances (caustic substances, acids, thinners, etc.) and may not come into contact with these substances, not even for a short time.

Without submitting properly filled in andconfirmed letter of complaint, the claim will not be accepted.

The claim is submitted by the customer without delay in the store, where the product was purchased.  
The warranty claim must be in writing, it must be clear, when and how the product defect was manifested and what the customer requires.
The product had been handed over to the customer in perfect condition together with the installation instructions, the customer was also informed about its maintenance and about the warranty conditions.