Maybe you know it. When buying any product, everyone is interested in its life span. Maybe you will not believe me, but my answer always is that the life span is always influenced by cleaning and general maintenance. The same it is also in case of shower enclosures. 

Calc–enemy of bathrooms No. 1

Function of finishing against calc TEKNO.CAL lies basically in that, that the shower enclosure glass should remain hydrophobic, no calc is created and the glass is antibacterial.


This finishing is invisible with the naked eye, it has an optimal durability and is applied easily not only to new shower enclosure glasses, but also to already installed glasses (after previous application of the agent Remove.Gel 50). It is a perfect tool for long-term protection of transparency of the glass and it makes the cleaning and maintenance easier. The glass surface is actually extremely porous, which is not visible with the naked eye. This factor causes, that without a special finishing, the glass quickly loses its transparency and shine and the consequence of this are various problems during maintenance. The finishing based on nanotechnology TEKNO.CAL was created based on experience of the manufacturer, who works for decades in the glass and ceramics field. Through chemical reaction in combination with the quartz clay, which is contained in the glass as well as in the ceramic glaze, the finishing is boundon the treated surface, whereby it is completely bound with the surface. In this way, the hydrophobic properties of the surface are increased, the possible points of adhesion of dirt and deposits of calc and sodium are reduced to minimum. The result is an extremely smooth and closed surface with subsequent water resistance with antibacterial effect. The finishing Tekno.Cal can be applied to shower boxes, mirrors, glass and ceramic basins, sanitary ceramics and claddings. 

The finishing against calc TEKNO.CAL:

  1. helps easier flowing down of water, whereby it leaves only very small number of waterdrops on the glass;
  2. It helps with cleaning of glass, or eventually acts in such a way, that the calc sediments, which may remain in minimum quantity on the glass, is removed much easier after drying;
  3. It helps to keep the shower box hygienically clean by means of antibacterial effect, which remains active on the glass surface. We want to avoid misunderstandings. Do not expect that after having a shower, the glass remains perfectly clean and completely dry. This will never happen. So far, no glass for shower enclosures was made, which would remain dry, clean and shining after moistening after the use. It is only modified by special products, the effect of which disappears by using. It is more difficult to remove the sediments of calc from the glass, which is not treated, the calc is removed much easier from the glass treated with the anti-calc product. This is the real difference. Therefore,after having a shower, it is recommended to use a damp cloth for removing of avery small number of drops, which remained on the glass. If this action is not carried out after finishing of every showering, we recommend you at least oncea week, to wipe the glass with a damp cloth, to easily remove the calc deposits.Only a little time is needed and you have a shining glass again. We recommend you an original anti-calc product, which is used by the most significant manufacturers of shower enclosures. It is tested on European level for morethan 12 years.
úprava proti vodnému kameňu TEKNO.CAL


Now a days, it is possible to apply a treatment against calc called Tekno.Cal also on already installed shower enclosures, on glasses, on which spots from settled calc are visible. Before application of the product Tekno.Cal it is necessary to use a strong cleaning agent for glass. REMOVE.GEL 50 it is necessary for perfect removal of sediments of calc and other residues, which remained on the glass surface. After the application ofthe product Remove.Gel 50 for cleaning of glass it is possible to apply a treatment against calc Tekno.Cal and the shower enclosure will be as new. Attention: When using the formula against calc Tekno.Cal for glasses, where there are still residues of calc, the effect of such treatment is ineffective. Products for calc removal and for maintaining faster flow-down of water drops down the glass are intended only for glass, absolutely not for profiles, hinges and handles. 


If you apply the protective film TEKNO.CAL on a shower enclosure, which is already in use, the glass surface areas are first thoroughly cleaned with the preparation REMOVE.GEL –apply the product only on glass surface areas with a cloth (not with a sponge) in small quantities (these products are highly concentrated), wash, dry and then apply a thin protective film of the preparation TEKNO.CAL on the whole glass surface with a cloth and with gloves as well– this film is not washed and its effectiveness on the glassis estimated on approx. 3 months, depending on hardness of water and intensity of usage of the shower enclosure... After showering, it is not necessary to use any other cleaning agents, just wipe the surface with a dry cloth. If you have an unused, newly installed shower enclosure, only protective agent TEKNO.CAL is applied (in the above-mentioned way). The bottles of both above-mentioned preparations should last for approx.3 years. 

Steam and dust in the bathroom–enemy No. 2. 

A pair of completely different composition and yet a pair, which can cause havoc. If you let them do what they want, it will backfire.The hinges will start to snag, the door of the sliding system will start to jump and will stop to slide. If Mr. Calc joins this pair, we have a complete building material. Nothing else helps so much, like just regular cleaning. 

Aggressive cleaning agents–enemyNo. 3

Advertising in our everyday life affects us like a magnet, it encourages us to use increasingly powerful and aggressive cleaning agents. The opposite is true, however. If we clean shower enclosure regularly, there is no need to use stronger cleaning agents,which are already produced on the basis of acids. These “magic“ agents result in progressive damage of the product, leaving nasty stains on profiles, showerheads. 

AQUATEK recommends common cleaning agents based on vinegar base. You can use for example vinegardiluted with water.It is a product designed especially for cleaning of the entire bathroom, which can be just spread on a piece of fabric – the best way is to use a blue microfibre cloth and to spread the agent on the glass. Let the agent work for approximately 3 minutes and then wash the cleaned surface just with warm water.For thorough cleaning, you may polish the glass with a microfibre cloth once again. In case of regular use of the shower enclosure we also recommend a classic plastic window slider, which can be hung either directly on the glassor on the wall of the shower enclosure. After showering, just wipe the glass surface with this window slider to minimize the sedimentation of calc, which is created after drying of water drops. It is effective, simple and cheap.

Maintenance of hinges,small hinges, guiding profiles and of the wheels in them, sealings and magnets is also important. Regular maintenance of these parts and cleaning with the cleaning agents, I have mentioned, is also important. Plus, moreover, if you feel a worse opening of the doors, creaking of hinges, jumping of wheels, these parts must be greased. The best agent intended for this purpose is silicone oil.

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