JAGUAR R23 120x80

Rectangular shower with one opening door

... the black design concept is also moving into the bathroom and is increasingly in demand and preferred especially in contemporary modern spaces .... the JAGUAR series of shower enclosures with profiles and accessories in matt black offers several models of shower enclosures and shower doors with a wide range of dimensions ... moreover, in combination with a fixed side glass wall, this series solves the spatial variability of the individual customer ... An inherent part of this model series is the impregnation of the glass with antiplaque treatment The perfect stability of the massive glass surfaces in a glass thickness of 8 mm and a height of 200 cm is additionally supported by the inconspicuous upper stabilizing frame. This, combined with an extended slim door handle, enhances the visual effect of progressive elegance with a view to comfortable handling when ...

profile color
height (cm)
dimension (cm)
expansion (cm)
input (cm)
JAGUAR R23 120x80
profile color:
height (cm):
dimension (cm):
expansion (cm):
117-120 / 77-80
input (cm):
Price with tax /
1 567

Rectangular shower enclosure with one opening door, safety glass with anti-plaque coating against scale build-up - TEKNO.CAL.


  • Filling: clear glass, thickness 8mm
    tempered (safety) glass
    with TEKNO.CAL surface treatment
  • Leveling side profile with extension: 2 cm
    (possibility to set the distance between the walls)
  • Total height 200 cm
  • Color of aluminum and metal parts: Black / matt

Other features

  • front opening system
  • AL extended square handle, color black / matt
  • AL upper square stabilizing frame, color black / matt
  • AL floor strip, black / matt



  • universal


Aquatek shower enclosures are supplied without a shower tray and can be mounted directly on the floor without a shower tray. To use with the shower tray, the shower tray must be purchased separately. Suitable trays and other accessories can be found under the related products tab.


Antiplaque finishing against sedimentation of calc - 125ml


Cleaning product for glass - 125ml

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