Shower enclosures and the right choice

Shower enclosures and the right choice ... Two phrases, two meanings, that you want to combine into one, without any problems, worries and especially right now. However, if you came across a site of the company AQUATEK, not even an hour spent at your computer monitor or even a personal visit of our company showroom will not make it easier at all. It is because of the fact, that suddenly, you find yourself face to face in front of a shocking wide range of options, how and where to take a shower and these options are offered by the same producer.

How to cope with it?

If you are the lucky ones, you are the owners of a large bathroom and do not need to complicate your life by choosing only the bath or only a shower enclosure. You can have both. In that case, congratulations, you have one headache less for the moment. You have apossibility of the largest selection of shower enclosures, which only exists and there the headache starts again. If you are the owner only of a small bathroom, do not fall into despair, the company AQUATEK can satisfy your requirements almost in any situation and your primary problem with selection will be solved easier. To choose between a bath and a shower enclosure is in these hectic times one of the easier decisions. A shower enclosure can be your starter into a new day, a friend in the course of the day and a darling in the evening, when you are tired and beat up and the only thing, which will brace you up is a fantastic hot shower surrounded by pieces of glass, which protects you from the outside world and you have a feeling, that you are safe. Yes, you are at home and AQUATEK will take care of your comfort. 

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1.Tip - space
During the first contact with planning, the most important role plays space. This step might not be underestimated at all, because it will make you free of possible complications, which may arise due to a wrong purchase. If you are not an amazing architect, it does not matter, just take a pen and a paper, draw up an outline of the bathroom, its layout and draw the place of water supply lines and sewerage system. If you can not do it by yourself, just come into the store with the above-mentioned layout and the experts in selling of sanitary equipment and bathroom equipment will certainly direct you in the right way. The shower enclosures are manufactured in standard standardized dimensions, so the best way is to choose from these options, in this way, you will save the costs, which may arise due to production of an atypical model. 

2.Tip - shape
The shape of a shower enclosure is influenced by space. For small bathrooms, round shape shower enclosures, so called quadrant shower enclosures (quadrant or circular) shower enclosures designed to fit into one corner of your bathroom. However, nowadays also rectangular variants are produced, where one side has a larger and the other side a smaller dimension. The next option may be a pentagonal shower enclosure, which has a truncated front corner, saving thus space in a small bathroom. If you own a large bathroom, popular are wide front shower enclosure doors or large rectangular shower enclosures. 

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3.Tip - opening the door or sliding it
If you own a small bathroom, the choice depends on space and therefore the winner in the competition is a sliding shower enclosure. However, you do not have to fall into despair, if someone scares you, that your situation is worse, than the situation of owners, who can install a pivot shower doors model, just keep smiling and continue in choosing from the offer. Namely, the company AQUATEK improved also the way of sliding the door. In MASTER series, the previously used single wheel system was replaced by a double wheel system, thanks to which, the bottom wheels are ejected by pressing from the bottom guide rail and for easier cleaning, the glass door can be tilted. Furthermore, the sliding system is present also in case of the highest product range of shower enclosures, called INFINITYseries. The next special products with sliding doors, is the TEKNO series, which is successful thanks to large top wheels on a metal profile, moving in asimilar way as the train running on rails. If you are the owner of a large bathroom, probably you will prefer a pivot door. You can choose from CRYSTAL series, then PARTY, VIP2000, BETTER, EXTRA,GLASS series and a new SMART series. Each of them is special, unique and deserves your attention. In case of each of them, we have selected a different handle, different shape of hinges, clamping arms, glass thickness and total height of the shower enclosure. Our offer includes not least also economic solutions of shower enclosures for less demanding areas, namely in the model series HOLIDAY and FAMILY. If Ihad to summarize, each option has its pros and cons. 

The sliding models:

  • save space
  • the maintenance is more difficult
  • they can remain open after having a shower
  • the drops of water run down into the tray after opening the door

The pilot door models:

  • are more demanding regarding space
  • the maintenance is easier
  • they must be always closed
  • after opening the door, the drops of water run down on the floor