Shower tray yes or no

The company AQUATEK hasin its offer several types of shower trays. Among the best shower trays aretrays made of cast marble.

If you are worried about the cold when entering the shower trays or while having a shower, it is not the case. I choose the variant of turning the water on in the shower before having a shower and I do not feel any annoying cold. If you are afraid of damaging the shower tray by falling object, I assure you that all products used nowadays are made of plastic and tome personally a shower shampoo fell into a shower tray several times and nothing happened.

Sprchová vanička BENT

The shower trays made of cast marble– series HARD, TOP, BENT, LEVEL, FUSION will get you with their unique appearance. By placing directly on the floor, you feel as if the shower tray was always a part of your bathroom and you would not want another one. With their properties they are close to ceramic shower trays, which rank them thus on a second place from the point of view of quality. We continue with the SMC series, which is strong, durable and stable. Material used in the production is layered on each other and thus a shower tray with perfect characteristics is formed, which the plastic shower trays did not use to have before. The advantage of a shower tray is in its placing, it can be used directly on the floor as a modern low shower tray or by means of support feet and a front face a higher self-supporting shower tray can be made. 

Recently, the shower enclosures are installed directly on the floor without using a shower tray. Every shower enclosure of the company AQUATEK can be used directly on the floor, I want to make you aware of the height of the given model, if the customer chooses a higher shower tray, which is approx. 16 cm, the standard height of a shower enclosure is 185cm, together they form a unit with the height of 201 cm. If the customer chooses a lower shower tray, which is approximately 3-4 cm or no shower tray, we recommend to use higher shower enclosures, approximately 190 to 210cm, in order the customer does not hit the profile or console of the shower enclosure with his head when entering the shower enclosure or in order the water does not flow out over the top part of the shower enclosure when having a shower. Placing of a shower drain–if you choose a shower drain, never place it at the door of your shower enclosure. It is in order it does not happen, that the excessive water does not flow out through the door of the shower enclosure. Make sure that the place for shower and the shower drain are pitched, to avoid a situation, which I mentioned. If I should help you with the decision about your shower tray, so if yes or no, I personally would decide to install a shower tray. The price of a shower tray compared to the price of a shower drain is almost the same or even lower, the life span of a shower tray made of cast marble is similar to the life span of ceramic tiles, which must be used for a shower drain, cleaning and maintenance of the shower tray is much easier, than cleaning of joints in the floor and the resistance against absorb abilityof water of the materials used and overall presentation after years is much better in case of shower trays, than in case of shower drains or drain balls.