Bath screen

Sprchová zástena na vaňu GLASS

If you have decided mainly because of spatial reasons for a bath choice, even in this case you do not to be worried. Our company offers several versions right for baths. The only requirement is, that the models are produced only for classic straight bath sand not for curved corner baths. We are not specialized in production of baths, there is plenty of them in the market nowadays, each of them having individual dimensions and especially radius, therefore it is difficult for us to meet all the requirements. 

When buying a bath screen, be aware of this fact. When choosing a bath, inform immediately regarding the production of a suitable bath screen belonging to it. In our offer, you can find versions with glass pane (GLASS, ROYAL, FAMILY) and with plastic pane (ROYAL, LUX), versionsfor covering the entire bath (ROYAL) or recently so popular sliding models for only a part of the bath (GLASS, FAMILY, LUX). Series GLASS and FAMILY allows thanks to pivot hinge opening angle range up to 180o.