Material and quality

Because the quality is important. 

Material – glass or plastic, a question, which is considered by everyone when choosing a shower enclosure.Some time ago, only the plastic panes were used in the production of various models. Over the time, however, the use of plastic material decreased and the glass dominates in the selection. It is also thanks to the properties it has.Because of its easier maintenance, longer life span, greater thickness, strength and durability and last but not least also because of a design effect, the customers prefer glass to plastic pane and I only have to agree with them. However, if the main selection criterium is the price, the plastic material is the winner in the competition regarding price. It also depends, which thickness is used by the particular manufacturer. Our shower enclosures with plastic panes are of a high quality, which is confirmed also by the fact that the customers,who bought the above-mentioned model, come after 6 – 7 years and want to replace only the necessary spare parts, such as plastic hooks and hinges. This is a situation that makes us very happy. 

Quality –if I should help with the choice of a shower enclosure regarding quality, first of all, be concerned about the material used. First time, when I got into contact with 30 models of shower enclosures in our company, all seemed to me the same. Step by step I got into the issue and I started to notice the differences. The main guideline of the selection is the price. It is an unwritten rule, that the most expensive model from the same manufacturer is the best one. This is the model, from which you can take an example and proceed below according to your financial budget. IfI should give you further advice in choosing between various manufacturers, ask how much each model weighs. Maybe this sounds ridiculous, but believe me, this information will not leave you long in doubt. Then, you will best find out, how much material the manufacturer of the product invested in it, because the thinner profiles are easier, thinner glass is easier and therefore, the price should be lower. Maybe you will be surprised, that the weight of the product will be the same, but the price will not. Pay attention to all issues, which can be seen – the shape of the profiles, their thickness and height, material strength, easiness of opening the door, functionality of magnets and sealings, because all this affects the particular product. Equally important is the market position and stability of the manufacturer in the market, the quality proven throughout the years is another guideline for the right choice, because later you do not have to worry when ordering spare parts. Each product is worn out over the time. Prefer therefore stability to one-time promotion price. The shower enclosure becomes non-functional even because of a single missing spare part. Each manufacturer uses other spare parts, which can not be replaced by anything else.