Shower panel or shower head

Hydromasážny sprchový panel TOBAGO

If you asked me this question some years ago, my answer would be clear – shower head. It was because of one reason only, the offer was not so good and there were no design pieces available, rather white plastic shower panels and there were occasionally nozzles in the panels. Nowadays, everything is different, however. As progress in the production of shower enclosures advanced, the same situation is in the production of panels.

Of course, the shower panel is more complicated regarding its maintenance, than a classic shower head, but the pleasure it offers can not be substituted by any shower head, not even the most expensive one. The shower panel offers actually three ways of having a shower. Do you want a rain? Simply select that function and you have a feeling of uniqueness. Do you wish a massage with nozzles? Do you wish to wash yourself and to recall the function of a classic shower? The shower panel offers also this function. So, enter the world of AQUATEK – the world of water elements.